Scarlett XOXO by Autumn Reed



I saw you today.

You were sitting at a cozy table for two, candlelight flickering over your faces. The tablecloths were white, and the wine was red. You picked at a salad while he ate pasta, and you snuck a few bites of bread when he wasn’t looking.

But none of those details mattered. What mattered was the animated way you spoke to him. The slight smile that tugged at the corners of his lips while he watched you. And he did watch you . . . like you were the only woman in the restaurant. In the world.

He looked at you the way he looks at me.

And that’s when I knew . . .

I’m not just the mistress.

I’m the other woman.

Two months ago

Neatly foldingthe crisp linen stationery, I tucked it in the coordinating envelope before stashing the letter in my nightstand. Then, I leaned against my headboard and glanced around my studio apartment, taking note of the features that made this space so special. The wall of windows and private balcony overlooking the city. The high ceilings and crown molding. The restored hardwood floors and vintage chandeliers.

Though the apartment was small, it was in one of the most exclusive buildings in Dallas. More importantly, it had been my haven for the last four years.

I’d been homeless. Friendless. Penniless.

Then, I met him, and everything changed. I was offered the chance at a life I’d only ever dreamed of . . . and I’d taken it.

For the first time since I was a child, I’d felt safe. Treasured. Loved.

And, now?

I swallowed past the growing lump in my throat.

Now, I was choosing to walk away from him and everything he’d given me.